1.  We do what’s right for our customers.  ( put their problem above our profit )
  2.  We don’t take advantage of people.   ( weaklings need to steal,  we are strong )
  3.  We are professional.  ( let our positive reputation precede us )
  4.  We under promise and over deliver.  ( raving fans is what we want )
  5.  We own up to our responsibilities and mistakes.  ( don’t point the finger because 3 are pointing back at you )
  6.  Support your team and they will support you.  ( “not my job” doesn’t work here )
  7.  We learn and get better every week.  ( sharpen the saw )
  8.  Devil is in the details so we strive for ATD- Attention to Detail  ( carelessness makes for bad business )
  9.  We celebrate each other’s good work and success.  ( cheer on! )
  10.  We have fun, make things happen and operate smoothly.  (Smooth Baby!)


adjective: smooth; comparative adjective: smoother; superlative adjective: smoothest
  1. 1.
    having an even and regular surface or consistency; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations.
    “smooth flat rocks”
    synonyms: evenlevelflatplaneMore

    antonyms: unevenroughhairy
    • (of a liquid) with an even consistency; without lumps.
      “cook gently until the sauce is smooth”
      synonyms: creamyvelvety, blended

      “a smooth sauce”
      antonyms: lumpy
    • (of the sea or another body of water) without heavy waves; calm.
      “the smooth summer sea”
      synonyms: calmstilltranquilundisturbedunruffledevenflat, waveless, like a millpond

      “a smooth sea”
      antonyms: roughchoppy
    • (of movement) without jerks.
      “the trucks gave a smooth ride”
    • (of an action, event, or process) without problems or difficulties.
      “the group’s expansion into the U.S. market was not quite so smooth”
      synonyms: steadyregularuninterruptedunbrokenfluidfluentMore

      antonyms: irregularjerky
    • denoting the face of a tennis or squash racket without the projecting loops from the stringing process (used as a call when the racket is spun to decide the right to serve first or to choose ends); the opposite of rough.
  2. 2.
    (of food or drink) without harshness or bitterness.
    “a lovely, smooth, very fruity wine”
    synonyms: mellowmildagreeablepleasant

    “a smooth wine”
    antonyms: harshbitter
    • (of a person or their manner, actions, or words) suavely charming in a way considered to be unctuous.
      “his voice was infuriatingly smooth”
      synonyms: suaveurbanesophisticatedpolisheddebonairMore

      antonyms: gauche
verb: smooth; 3rd person present: smooths; past tense: smoothed; past participle: smoothed; gerund or present participle: smoothing; verb: smoothe
  1. 1.
    give (something) a flat, regular surface or appearance by running one’s hand over it.
    “she smoothed out the newspaper”
    synonyms: flatten, level (out/off), even out/off; More

    • rub off the rough edges of (something).
      “you can use sandpaper to smooth the joint”
    • deal successfully with (a problem, difficulty, or perceived fault).
      “these doctrinal disputes were smoothed over
    • free (a course of action) from difficulties or problems.
      “a conference would be held to smooth the way for the establishment of the provisional government”
      synonyms: easefacilitate, clear the way for, pave the way for, expediteassistaidhelp, oil the wheels of, lubricate

      “a plan to smooth the way for the agreement”
    • modify (a graph, curve, etc.) so as to lessen irregularities.
      “values are collected over a long period of time so that fluctuations are smoothed out


adverb: smooth
  1. 1.
    in a way that is without difficulties.
    “the course of true love never did run smooth”
Old English smōth, probably of Germanic origin, though no cognates are known. The verb dates from Middle English.